Lockdown Nails Crisis? We have you covered

As many of us are well aware... the COVID-19 situation has left us all a little confused.

For many of us we are used to our monthly trip to the nail salon and with many salons currently closed you may be wondering if there is any possible workaround. Well, you are in luck! We have a solution that has actually been around for quite some time however its not something that pops into everyone's head right away for whatever that reason might be. The solution is... Press-ons!!!

Yes... those stick on nails that we all know about. The only difference is that as with everything in time things improve and that is the best thing about this solution, it doesn't have to be temporary. At Wiki Lashes we have a range called 'Little Doll Nails' where we wanted to fix the issues we really have regarding press-ons and that is usually the quality and lack of variety of design. 

We have created a range of nails with a range of designs that have been loved by many of you! 

So, "why are Press-ons a good idea?" is the question you may be asking yourself... The short answer is why aren't they? At a cheaper price and a bigger variety of design you will always be satisfied with your press-on nails. We feel as though through time we have pushed away what is actually a better option when it comes to nails and most of the time you will even feel as though you have acrylics on!

But, don't just take it from us... take a look at our Instagram account to discover why so many people have made a permanent switch to this convenient option! @wikilashes

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