Pigments are finally coming!

Finally! After months of planning we have decided to give a launch date for our pigments.

Our current launch date is 19th July 2020 

We could not be any more excited, we have a whole range of pigments to choose from and after doing so much research and development we can finally say we are ready to release. 

Many of you will know that pigments is something we wanted to launch for a long time and it is a major thing for us to be able to finally bring them to the table. Stay tuned for more blogs following on how you can use these pigments in the best way possible. We hope you love them just as much as we do because we are IN LOVE.

P.S. We just want to thank you all for the continued support since we started Wiki Lashes (Over a year ago). You guys helped us transform our life and we could not of done it without you, Even a like on a post or a view on our story helps us so much we are so thankful and we plan on giving back to everyone! We love you! - Wiki & Jay

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