Frequently Asked Questions

How does the affiliate program work?

As some of you may know, we recently opened up our official affiliate program. To get involved you can apply by clicking on the 'Affiliate Program' tab from the menu.

The way our affiliate program works is that once you have been approved we will ask you to send us your coupon code if you already have one or you can contact us if you wish to have one set up. Your affiliate link will be provided to you once your account has been approved and if someone uses your link (or coupon code if set up) to make a purchase you will receive 10% commission from that order which you will be able to deposit into your bank account. 

Are you cruelty free?

Of course! We are 100% cruelty free and always will be no matter what. Our products are all cruelty free and our lashes are faux mink.

Will my order get to me without any issues?

We use Royal Mail to send off our packages and have had no issues with customers receiving their orders and if they ever do we would investigate further to hopefully get your order to you as soon as possible.

IMPORTANT: We aim to get your order to you as soon as possible however sometimes we do have slight delays. If you are a customer facing a delay you can contact us and we will do our best to resolve the issue or we will do our best to make it right!

Why don't you accept my currency?

We do accept all currency! When you browse our website you may notice that it only shows up with GBP - However, when you go to purchase this should automatically transfer to your currency and you will not be charged any more or less than what we sell the product is sold for here in the UK.

Who are the owners?

Wiki Lashes is ran by the two CEO'S Wiktoria (Wiki) and Jamie (Jay). We decided to create Wiki Lashes in hopes of making an impact in the Beauty industry by providing the best possible quality false lashes at affordable prices and we are slowly introducing more products alongside that. We are so proud what we have accomplished so far and we couldn't of done it without the help of you guys so thank you. 

Side Note: For those wondering Wiki and Jay are a couple and currently run Wiki Lashes as a full time job!


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